Privacy and confidentiality serve as two paramount values that consumers expect in their financial relationships. At Heritage National Bank, we are committed to upholding the highest legal and ethical standards of confidentiality – to meet or exceed your expectations. We recognize and share your concerns regarding personal security. Therefore, we pledge to you, our customer and our prospective customer, that we will exercise both care and excellence in the collection and use of information related to your financial affairs.

When will Heritage National Bank collect my personal information?

Visiting our web site does not require you to disclose any personally identifying information. Therefore, as a visitor to our web site you need not be concerned about the privacy of your personal information.

If you choose to contact us via e-mail, please keep in mind that your e-mail address, and any other information your e-mail header shows about you, such as your name or organization, will be revealed to us in the e-mail. We pledge, however, that when you communicate with us via e-mail, we will use your e-mail information only for the specific purpose of responding to your comments or questions. Your e-mail address will not be sold, nor will it be shared with others outside the bank unless we are compelled to do so by law.

If you request a bank service electronically, we will need to obtain certain information to accommodate you. This information may include, but is not limited to, your full name, physical address, mailing address, telephone number, social security number, driver’s license number, and employer. By requesting certain bank services, you authorize us to perform credit verifications or other validating research to verify your identity. This information may be retained along with your request. We may not be able to process your request without this information. Information regarding your relationship can be shared with non-affiliate third parties only after you have been informed of our Customer Information Privacy Policy and have been given the opportunity to decline. Currently, Heritage National Bank does not share any customer information with non-affiliate third parties.

How does Heritage National Bank use my information?

The information collected by Heritage National Bank is primarily used to help us provide excellent customer service. In addition, we may review your personal information to evaluate your requests for future products and services. We view your personal information as a relationship profile that reflects your banking needs. From time to time, we may introduce products and/or services to you based on these perceived needs. We will also use the personal information that you have provided to communicate with you via account statements and other correspondence.

Who has access to my personal information?

All Heritage National Bank employees are trained on the importance of maintaining the highest security standards regarding customer information. However, it is the practice of Heritage National Bank to restrict employee access to your personal information to only those employees with a business reason for knowing such information. In other words, the employee must be directly involved in servicing your request and/or transaction to have access to your personal information.

What about the other companies linked to your site?

Hyperlinks to non-Heritage National Bank web sites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to users of the Heritage National Bank (the “Bank”) web site. Heritage National Bank has no control over the content on such non-Heritage National Bank web sites and if you choose to link to a web site not controlled by Heritage National Bank, the Bank makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the content of such site, including the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability for any particular purpose. Links to non-Heritage National Bank web sites do not imply any endorsements of or responsibility for the opinions, ideas, products, information or services offered at such sites, or any representation regarding the content at such sites.

What if my personal information is incorrect?

If you feel that any of the personal information that we have about you is incorrect, please notify us immediately. It is in our mutual best interest to maintain only accurate information regarding our customers. Therefore, if an error is detected, please communicate the correct information to us through the Contact Us page of our web site, by telephone at (817) 279-8600, or in person at any of our banking locations.

How can I contact Heritage National Bank?

Customers who have questions about this Privacy Policy or have questions about the privacy of their customer information should contact us at or call us at (817) 279-1600.

Heritage National Bank reserves the right to change our privacy policy at any time by posting a new privacy policy.

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