About Us 

Commitment. That's our pledge to  you. Since its inception in 1984, Heritage National Bank has been totally committed to the communities that we serve. Our stockholders, directors, officers and employees all live within our trade area and are a part of the same society as our customers. Accordingly, we know what is happening in our communities and can relate to our customers' needs and goals. Heritage National Bank can succeed only if its customers succeed.

Specialized Services

Like most banks, we offer a broad array of deposit and loan products. We do however, offer some products that differentiate us from many of the others. For example, we offer a high income Index Money Fund. This Money Market account pays a very competitive rate of interest.

In the loan area, Heritage National Bank specializes in real estate loans, both residential and commercial. These include home equity loans, improvement loans and construction loans. We are also active lenders in municipal finance and church finance. These are in addition to consumer loans and business loans. 

Words from the CEO

Heritage National Bank would like to invite you to compare our list of services with other banks. You'll find that we say, "NO CHARGE", as often as we can. When we do have to charge for a service, we keep it as low as possible for your convenience and savings.

As you visit our site, you'll find just a few examples of our financial products. We offer many more products, with at least one directly tailored to suit your individual or business needs. Please stop in one of our conveniently located offices and let us show you why Heritage National Bank should be your bank of choice.

Frank Kimmell
President, CEO
Heritage National Bank


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